TWD Make-Up Post: Pizza Rustica

Hooray!  We get a make-up week!  How lovely! It’s still weird to think and post about food that was eaten and consumed before the baby was born and recipes with more than five ingredients were shoved outside the realm of the possible, but I do remember that this was delicious and special and unlike any other pizza I’ve eaten.

The crust is sweet, which was unusual, but nice, and made for lots of snitching. The filling felt soft and light, but was also filling and decadent, thanks to three kinds of cheese and prosciutto.

I remember the night I made this my husband e-mailed late in the day, asking if he could grab a beer with a friend. He could see the end was near for these kinds of get-togethers, and was gunning for one more “last hurrah.” I curtly informed him that I had made a very special dinner, and he dutifully skipped the drinks and made his way home. I think he found it was worth it.

Okay!  The baby is stirring, so here are the links to the hosts with the recipe:

Emily of Capitol Region Dining and Raelynn of The Place They Call Home.

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2 thoughts on “TWD Make-Up Post: Pizza Rustica

  1. Mazel Tov on the baby! I really enjoyed the pizza rustica. I thought I wouldn’t like the sweet crust, but I did; I liked it even better the next day.

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